PP Ambassadors

affiliate marketing ambassador

Hey babe, join the club! 

Want to make some extra cash while supporting a female-owned brand you love? Then you should totally join our ambassador program! 

Here at Polished Prints, we create designs with the intent of sparking positivity, empowering others and pushing more love out into the world. Our goal with the ambassador program is to build a community of fierce females who believe in our mission and are here to spread the word, so we can ALL forge even deeper connections with ourselves and with each other. 

What's the benefit? Gosh, there are SO many! You not only get deep discounts and have the opportunity to win quarterly prizes, but you LITERALLY make cash money every time you contribute to a sale in our shop. No joke, making money is as easy as sharing your unique referral link and making a commission on every purchase. Apply today and join our growing community of fierce females!

Do I qualify? Sure you do! There are NO purchases or minimum followers required to become part of our program! We just want a team of badass babes who believe in our mission to spread love and empower others. 

Please note that sometimes acceptance emails are sent to spam folder so be sure that check that.

Any questions you have about the ambassador program can be sent to: