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You Are Powerful.

At Polished Prints, we’re firm believers in the reality that each and every one of us have the power to change the world - but it’s up to US to share those stories and encourage others to do the same. During the Month of October, we’re doing just that with the launch of  “Own Your Power" a mini campaign dedicated to sharing the stories of REAL women creating REAL change in their everyday life.  By sharing these stories we hope to inspire you to love yourself and embrace your abilities with pride, to own your power regardless of what life throws at you.

   Real Women, Sharing Real Stories .   

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Haven Faith Shepherd

Paralympic Hopeful, Swimmer, Crossfit

Born in Vietnam, Haven Faith Shepherd was just 14 months old she lost her lower legs as the result of a bomb her parents detonated when they tried to commit family murder/suicide. Haven’s life wasn’t over, in fact her incredible story was just beginning. Haven was adopted by the Shepherd family at 20 months of age, moving to the United States and beginning her inspiring journey as an avid swimmer with the goal to one day represent the USA in Paralympics. Haven is a motivational speaker, regularly speaking at schools and teaching kids to accept and value being different. 

How Does Haven Own Her Power?

I own my power by accepting what happened to me, by embracing who I am and being grateful for the life I get to live. I choose JOY each and everyday. 

Connect with Haven on Instagram @havenfaithshepherd 

Stacey Johnson

Licensed Professional Counselor, Mom to 8, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur

After a childhood that lacked emotional support, Stacey Johnson has dedicated her adult life to creating a safe space and nurturing space for others. Her genuine kindness and dedication to making the world a better place has led Stacey to her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor, public speaker and mother to 8 children. Stacey lives by the same philosophy we preach here at PP - let's all embrace the NOW and live our best life, regardless of what season we're in.  Stacey also serves as the host of The Girly Bliss Show Podcast, where she provides listeners with all the tools and tricks to living their optimal life. 

How Does Stacey Own Her Power?

First, I recognize I have power. Then I HARNESS my power by clarifying how and where I want my power to be used. I don't wait for permission or acceptance of others (sometimes even of myself) before I act in my power! I don't compare what my power looks like to yours or hers or anyone else’s! Instead, I embrace and celebrate the differences! I PRACTICE my power with grace. Play with it In different ways, park it from time to time, learn what works and what doesn’t, where the support & alignment is, with permission to mess it up until I figure it out. I rest my power by giving myself space and time to replenish, recharge, redirect & re-imagine And, I SHARE my power - contribute, collaborate, & use my power to empower others! 

Connect with Stacey on Instagram @Staceyjlife or @thegirlybliss

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Zoie Kearney

Body Positivity Advocate 

Growing up as the "fat girl," I was on every diet dreamed possible. Which led me, at such a young age, to try everything possible to fit in to what society deemed normal! I would loose the weight then gain it back plus some it was a constant battle that I felt I would never win. I began to really hate myself and at times question my worth. Weight had led me into such a deep depression but I was fed up with letting other people’s preconceived ideas of what I should look like take over my life! Self-love hasn’t come easy. It has been a long tough journey that I am still on today, but it by far has been the most rewarding thing that I have ever done for myself!

How Does Zoie Own Her Power?

I own my power by spreading positive messages about our bodies through social media. I have created this page to share with other women the self love I have chosen to have through my love for fashion and creative spirit!

Connect with Zoie on Instagram @curvesbyzo_ 

Caitlin McCoy 

Author, Blogger, Mother

Life is moving so fast that sometimes it can be tough to slow down and ease into it. This is what drew us to Caitlin McCoy, a journalist with a love of photography, inspiring stories, coffee and mom of two who has dedicated herself to not only living slowly, but encouraging others to do the same. Through her blog and soon-to-be self published book, Light Filled Mornings, Caitlin shares the stories of other womens' routines, as well as how she makes time each morning to make space for herself, tune in, and receive those intuitive nudges that led her to where she is today. Caitlin lives in a small farm town outside Champaign, Illinois and is the perfect example of how no dream is ever too big to accomplish. 

How Does Caitlin Own Her Power?

"I own my power by waking up knowing that I get to choose how to guide my day—and then choosing to guide it with love, positive thoughts, and  upliftment for others. Easing into my day with intention through Light-filled Mornings brings so much joy. It’s so fun to realize that owning your power is just as simple as getting out of bed on the right foot and recognizing the true power inside that’s already there; we just let it shine, together. 

Connect with Caitlin on Instagram @lightfilledmornings 

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Emma Hicks

Founder of Camp Climb

Emma Hicks is one of those people whose personality and drive is contagious. Emma is the founder of Camp Climb, a retreat for creative entrepreneurs, where she has quite literally empowered hundreds of women to follow their passion and believe in themselves. When we asked Emma why she does what she does, her answer was so spot on: "I am passionate about bridging the loneliness gap. There's power in sitting into loneliness and there's power in rising from it together in powerful community!
I want to grow together! I want to give as many women as possible the guidance to reveal their superpower and permission to change the world with it! Together we can change the world!"

How Does Emma Own Her Power?

I own my power through following my intuition so restoration can happen.  I see consistency in my lows in life serving my highs. Those low points are what make me passionate! I listen to my gut, stay persistent to goals, and take action with bold courage. I stand confident in my own skin, giving others permission to do the same. I open up and allow myself to be vulnerable so that others may be seen.

Connect with Emma on Instagram @hicks_emma

Tonya Hansen 

Salon Owner, Stylist, Mother

It was twelve years ago that Tonya decided to quit nursing school and move in the opposite direction - she became a hair stylist instead. Since then, Tonya has turned her successful career into an entrepreneurial journey which has led her to open her own Salon, Hansen Co. Beauty Lounge, where she dedicates herself to not only empowering women to embrace their beauty but also to creating a space that is welcoming and inclusive to those of all backgrounds and life places. As a stylist, Tonya emphasizes the importance of connecting with each and every person who steps foot into her salon. Her motto is a personal favorite: Be Unapologetically Authentic. 

How Does Tonya Own Her Power?

 My purpose in life is to be myself, because I want other women to feel confident being themselves. I believe in the ripple effect - that if we have the confidence to start doing something others will follow. I think it all starts with women going out of their way to compliment each other on what they’re doing , by recognizing how they’re making a difference and really showing them that they mean something to someone. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone. Don't be afraid to build someone else up. Because you never know - that person may never have been told that before and it will probably make her day. 

Connect with Tonya on Instagram @hansenco.beautylounge 

   How Do YOU Own Your Power?   

Feeling inspired yet?  Us too. It's because these incredible women are relatable because they are JUST like you and me.  So what are you waiting for? 

Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an artist, or an advocate, we want to hear how YOU are making a difference. Share your story on Instagram and tag us in your photos with #OWNYOURPPOWER so we can continue to spread this message we so deeply believe in.


Looking to be featured as part of this campaign? CLICK HERE to share your story!
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Jennae Cecelia

Best Selling Author, Public Speaker

Jennae Cecelia is an example of what can happen when you follow your dreams. In her early 20's, Jennae not only a best-selling author of seven inspirational poetry books, but she has dedicated herself to spreading empowering messages of mental health, body positivity and mindfulness through public speaking engagements at schools, counseling centers and camps. When asked what advice she would share, Jennae said "Authenticity is key. If being vulnerable scares you (which for most it does) talk about that. People love when they can relate to someone on a human level. We all have struggles and the more we talk about it, the less alone we feel. I never realized how many people struggled with anxiety and/or body image issues until I started sharing my story. You never know who needs to hear your story and don't worry if you think someone else already is talking about that topic; they are not YOU. Someone out there may need to hear your version."

How Does Jennae Own Her Power?

My power is writing poetry that positively impacts other people's lives and lets them know they are not alone on THEIR journey.
I own my power by showing up each day and sharing MY authentic journey. The reason I do this is because I want people to know that although we can feel isolated and unheard, WE all have a story in us worth being heard and there are people willing to not only listen, but share their experience with the same struggles as well.

Connect with Jennae on Instagram @jennaececelia 

Tekita Bankhead

Founder of The Pedestal Project 

I started the Pedestal Project, LLC as a blog designed to speak to any women who tend to go overlooked or undervalued. Our mission focuses on uplifting Black women through restoration, validation, and affirmation. What started as a blog has now evolved into a multi-faceted entity that provides empowerment events in Champaign-Urbana, highlights Black women-owned businesses, and employs a team of PHENOMENAL Black women writers whose fresh, timely, and thoughtful articles remain the heartbeat of TPP. I'm so grateful for where we have come in less than two years, and I'm excited to see what the future holds! I guess you could say I'm helping people find their power on the pedestal and keeping it there for all to see.

How Does Tekita Own Her Power?

I own my power by ensuring that how I show up in any space as a Black woman is consistently authentic. Choosing to be my true and full self in a society that does not always honor or value Black women is the way I hope to encourage other women to do the same. I think that our truest powers lie in our imperfections because those are the characteristics that make us unique.

Connect with Tekita on Instagram @pedestalproject 

  Spread the Message 

After we launched this campaign we knew we needed something to reinforce the message.

Our new Own Your Power tees are meant to serve as a reminder that you are powerful, while encouraging others to follow suit.  

We want to hear from YOU

Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an artist, or an advocate, we want to hear how YOU are making a difference. Share your story on Instagram and tag us in your photos with #OWNYOURPPOWER so we can continue to spread this message we so deeply believe in.


Looking to be featured as part of this campaign? CLICK HERE to share your story!


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