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Inspired by the Good In All Of Us 


What if we told you that something as simple as a t-shirt design could help promote kindness in the world? You would think we were out of our minds, but the truth is that every time you wear one of our tees, people notice. They smile at you. They read the saying on the tee out loud because it resonates with them. These strangers take a moment out of their day to share a small moment with you.

We believe that the world is filled with kind, beautiful people. Our goal is to inspire others to think the same and empower their little ones to follow suit. We're here to encourage connection — real, human to human connection — even if it's sparked by something as simple as what's on your t-shirt.


Start em' young


Hand Printed with Love for You and Your Littles

We’re pretty proud of the fact that every piece coming out of our shop is created right here. We design and print all apparel in house, then utilize a local printer for the rest. We’re all about creating community, supporting each other and building other people up when we can.

Polished Prints is a family-owned business in every sense of the phrase and we want to keep it that way. There’s nothing that we love more than creating something for you and your family to enjoy.

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