7 Mom-Approved Lunchboxes That Fit Your Kiddo's Vibe

We're all about functionality over here, which is why we feel like roomy, reliable lunchboxes are kind of a must (hello, bento approved!). The hard thing is finding ones that both we and our kids like, so we put together a small (but mighty!) list of those that cover all the bases. All of the below are easy to clean, hold a water bottle, have space for the utensils and are just damn cute.

1. When you love animals: The Big Cats Insulated Lunchbox from Crate & Kids is one of our favs. Not only is the pattern perfect for the little animal lover, but with it's material makes it food-safe and supremely durable. It's easy to clean up, roomy enough for multiple storage compartments and it's temperature controlled. Did we mention it has a water bottle pocket and a matching backpack? 10/10. Shop Here
2. When You're Looking for a little extra magic:  Is it just us or are Unicorns making a huge comeback? The Rainbow Unicorn Lunch Box from Pottery Barn Kids  is magical as it not only has the cutest pattern but is easy to clean, has a space for the water bottle, netting for napkins and utensils, and can fit a bento box. Shop Here

3. When You Can't Get Enough of Anna and Elsa: When your favorite princess is Elsa, it's only natural that your lunchbox follow suit. This Frozen Water Combo Lunchbox  is made out of plastic so it keeps all the food protected. We love that it has a space for the water bottle to clip right in so that it doesn’t have a chance of rolling out. And, of course, it's super easy to clean. Shop Here


4. When you need a space for extras: We love the Mier Lunch Bag for so many reasons, but what makes it unique is the clear pocket that can be used for just about anything:  a family picture for a homesick kid, a special toy, or just some supplies for the kid who might need a visual reminder to use a fork or napkin. At nearly 10 inches across and 8 inches tall, it’s likely going to fit everything you need. Shop Here

5. When You're a Member of the Paw Patrol: A lunch box that's here to save the day, the Paw Patrol Combo box is pretty awesome for your pup-loving kiddo. Plus, it comes with a water bottle - a win win! Shop Here

6. When You Want Options: If you want something functional but also offers pattern options, this is a great one. Not only does The Bentgo Lunchbox cover all the bases but they offer a ton of different prints so you kiddo can choose what they like most. Shop Here
7. When you Want to Keep It Simple: Yes, we love all the patterns and bold prints but for those that just want to keep it simple this option is pretty perfect. With it's solid colors and functional design, it's an easy option for all kiddos. Shop Here


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