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7 Tips for Reducing Stress & Having More Sex During the Holidays

7 Tips for Reducing Stress & Having More Sex During the Holidays

7 Tips for Reducing Stress & Having More Sex During the Holidays
With Celeste Rose, The Spiritual Sex Coach

Take a deep breath - we made it halfway through December!

This is a month filled with holidays, parties, school breaks, and the end of the year, and is therefore very likely cause you stress and joy at the same time. And with everything going on, it’s also the month that you’re most likely to put yourself last. So, to give YOU some extra love & support through the holiday season we recently sat down with Celeste Rose, The Spiritual Sex Coach, to get her 7 Tips for Reducing Stress & Having More Sex During the Holidays! Get ready to chill out, get down, and have your best holiday season yet!


#1 - Breathe

It sounds simple, but for real, take a breath. When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by holiday to-do lists or family drama, don't forget the power of a deep inhale and exhale. Your breath has the ability to bring you into the present moment, calm your nervous system, and help you feel more grounded and connected in your body. Find a quiet space, set a timer for 10 or 20 minutes, put in your headphones and your favorite playlist, and breath in and out allowing yourself to feel any emotions or sensation that arises.

#2 - Get Physical

As humans, we are wired for physical touch, but most of us don't receive nearly enough. Set aside some intentional time outside of the bedroom to both give and receive physical touch. Ask your partner how they would like to be touched and tell them how you would love to be touched and take turns. Scratches, massages, hugs, and hand holding are all excellent ways to connect physically without the expectation of intercourse. Touch should always be consensual for both parties. 

#3 - Sleep Naked

While your sweats and fuzzy slippers may be warm and comfy during the day, they can become a barrier in the bedroom. Instead of loading up on clothes and fuzzy socks during the winter months, try sleeping naked and loading up with warm cozy blankets. You’ll stay warm and your partner will have easy access to your skin which, when stroked gently, can feel amazingly sensual and awaken desire. 

#4 - Love Yourself

Ain’t no shame in doing your thang! Intentional self-pleasure as a daily practice can reduce stress, increase feelings of self-love, and can involve both sexual or sensual touch. The key is to set an intention, such as ‘I am going to listen to my body’ or ‘I am going to accept my pleasure just as it is’. Breathe consciously and allow yourself to explore your body starting at the periphery and feeling the pleasure associated with different areas. Bonus Tip: use a skin-friendly body oil or lube and give yourself some attention. 

#5 - Afternoon Delight

Sex after a big, filling meal is never sexy. Instead, look for opportunities to sneak away for some sexy time before holiday gatherings or big meals. You’ll connect intimately with your partner before dealing with the in-laws, work up an appetite, and show up glowing and radiant. It's a win-win-win!

# 6 - Just Do It

When life is busy and stressful, intimacy won't just happen without a little help. It is something that you have to work at just like any other area of your life. It may help to look at sex as a practice that you get to do with yourself or your partner just like working out. We don't always want to and sometimes we are too tired, but we are usually always glad that we did. And just like in the gym, make sure you are warmed up first!

# 7 - Show Gratitude for Your Partner

Keep a gratitude journal and each day write down three things you are grateful for about your partner. While it is human nature to focus on what needs to be fixed or changed, it is true that what we focus on we often bring more of into our lives. So, this holiday season, instead of dwelling on the negative, celebrate what you love about your partner and tell them. Bonus Tip: Tell them something about them that turns you on. 

We hope this inspires you to enjoy the season in some new & spicy ways. Forward this to your partner and get ready to tangle in the tinsel! Happy Holidays!

To work with Celeste & learn more about how she helps women love their bodies and reclaim their sexuality, please reach out to her on Instagram @beyoutiful_soul_coaching.

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