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GUEST POST: Cultivating Self-Love Starts with Gratitude by @saraseesthemoon

GUEST POST: Cultivating Self-Love Starts with Gratitude by @saraseesthemoon

As we enter February this year, just after a stunning Full Moon in Leo, Universal energy is abundant. Our hearts are full of love for our partners, friends, and other special souls. As you bask in the glow, I ask: how will you show love to yourself this month? Maybe you tend to put yourself a bit lower on the list and haven’t given it much thought. Or maybe the whole self-love thing still seems like a mystery and you’re not sure where to start. I feel you. So place your hand on your heart chakra and read on - I’ve figured out the easiest way to start your self-love journey right now!

After a long stretch of Covid cancellations, I was recently able to return to an in-person yoga class. Excited and full of gumption, I dutifully executed each pose, periodically glancing up at my teacher to make sure I was doing them correctly. I got further out of my head and into my body. My energy began to flow and I felt something stir. I had been away from yoga long enough to forget that it has a way of bringing things up to the surface. 

By the time I made it into pigeon pose, something deep within me broke open. I felt the sadness of a misunderstood little girl rise up into my heart. Tears started to fall from my eyes. Rather than chastise her with a conditioned inner monologue (“you’re embarrassing me by crying in front of this class of strangers -— stop it!”) I acknowledged her presence and accepted her as is. That’s all she really needed. I thanked the little girl inside me. I thanked her for showing up to teach me and on the next breath, I pushed back into child’s pose and allowed her to go.

In that moment, I realized that I unlocked the secret to practicing self-love. I sat on my mat, a little bit sweaty, in awe of its simplicity. Having self-love means standing in your authenticity and believing your worth, but cultivating self-love means embracing the journey with gratitude each step along the way. 

It’s no surprise to me that this revelation occurred in the midst of Aquarius season, on the cusp of a Full Moon, and just days before a Mercury Retrograde. The energy of February favors not just going inward, but also embracing change. Aquarius is guiding us to leave behind anything that is not serving forward progress (such as a negative view of the self) and lean into new ways of relating.

So starting today, allow the energy of change to fuel a new relationship with yourself. Give yourself thanks and appreciation — for showing up, for reading this, for giving yourself grace in the hard moments. The more love you cultivate for yourself, the more you will have to give to the world around you. And love is something we all need in February and beyond. 

Chakra: Heart

New Moon 2/11

Full Moon 2/27


About Sara Spring: Through energy work, channeling, and the Akashic Records, Sara helps clients overcome barriers caused by energetic connections to past lives. Her unique gifts enable her to see into your past lives and relay channeled guidance to help you release what no longer serves and live in alignment with your soul's true purpose. 

Get to know Sara on Instagram at @saraseesthemoon


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