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July Vibes: Feel Into Your Power

July Vibes: Feel Into Your Power

The beginning of July finds us swimming in emotions, the root of which may not be immediately clear. Like the Cancerian crab, you may retreat into your home and family, which is fine as long as you feel into your feelings and don’t hide your beautiful vulnerability from the world. As the month progresses, you will feel brighter and ready to take on more. 

By July 7, the shadow of Mercury Retrograde is past, allowing for easier flow with work and upcoming plans. Action is more favorable now. Like the crab, some may prefer a sideways approach to a direct one, while others may charge forward like a crashing wave. Trust your intuition to guide your best approach. 

Don’t look for any major changes this month, such as jobs or moves, but do expect more clarity about these issues for the future. Neptune is in Retrograde in Pisces and will heighten your inner sight over the next several months. Expect vivid dreams, greater creative flow, and more intuitive hits about the ‘big picture’ of your life. Internal shifts will dominate as you wade through your intuitive sea and focus on how you feel about yourself and your place in the world you’ve created.This is a great month to start journaling (if you aren’t already) and let what comes to you spill out onto the page for later reference. 

By the time the sun shifts into Leo on July 23, you’ll be experiencing a much needed boost to your confidence. This will make you not just more comfortable in the spotlight, but also seek it out. Allow the sun itself to be the energy source for your inner fire. Soak up the sun’s rays, filling your solar plexus, and allowing you to stand tall in your power while spreading light to those around you. There is a bright and beautiful tone to the end of the month, but egos may also flare. It’s up to you to keep yours in check.

Be careful not to overindulge this month, as summer provides plenty of opportunities. Remember, there is a fine line between having fun and numbing. If you find yourself on the side of numbing (and with all these big feelings, it’s likely), ask yourself: what am I trying to avoid feeling? This is where your work is. 

Affirmation: I trust my emotions and am confident in my presence in the world. 

Chakra: Third Eye

New Moon in Cancer 7/10

Sun Enters Leo 7/23

Full Moon in Aquarius 7/24

About Sara Spring: Through energy work, channeling, and the Akashic Records, Sara helps clients overcome barriers caused by energetic connections to past lives. Her unique gifts enable her to see into your past lives and relay channeled guidance to help you release what no longer serves and live in alignment with your soul's true purpose. 

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