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November Vibes: Time for a Reset

November Vibes: Time for a Reset

It’s time for a reset!

There is no glossing over the energy of November - change is happening whether you want it to or not! The good news is that it will be change for the better so you may as well regard it as such right away. 

November is a month of transition supported first by Scorpio’s energy of rebirth and later by Sagittarius’ need for exploration.  

Collectively, we feel energy begin to shift into the earth. Trees are dropping leaves and storing nutrients deep within. People and animals alike are readying their nests in preparation for retreat. Stockpiles are being made sustain. We are called to go within before a time of new growth and expansion. 

The new moon in Scorpio on 11/4 will ask you to let something go - what is really holding you back? Reflect on this as you plant your seeds under this new moon. And then let your long-held limitations fall back into the earth to be reborn into something positive, allowing you to move ahead transformed.

Scorpio, a water sign, also asks you to make room for your emotions this month and Mercury’s influence encourages talking about your feelings with someone you trust. These will not be surface-level conversations, though. Scorpio’s intensity will pull out the hard truths and help you get to the bottom of matters. 

The full moon in Taurus on 11/19 brings some grounding earth energy to the mix, but as the season’s first eclipse expect the pot to get a good stir before settling! Eclipses are known for bringing sudden change and revelations. Pay attention to what comes up for you as this is a start of a new eclipse season and cycle that will continue for a couple of years. 

The sun enters Sagittarius on 11/21, perfectly timed for the start of the holiday season. You’ll feel a little lighter and more energetic under the influence of this adventurous fire sign. Parties and social events that were not possible last year may be happening again and many of us will feel more inclined to say yes to invitations and enjoy time with others. 

Allow your inner wisdom (and the revelations gained in the first weeks of the month) to guide you to what is right for you. 

Affirmation: I am limitless and all of my desires are possible!

Dates to know:

11/4 New Moon in Scorpio 

11/19 Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus 

11/21 Sun enters Sagittarius

Chakra: Third Eye

About Sara Spring: Through energy work, channeling, and the Akashic Records, Sara helps clients overcome barriers caused by energetic connections to past lives. Her unique gifts enable her to see into your past lives and relay channeled guidance to help you release what no longer serves and live in alignment with your soul's true purpose. Learn more about Sara by visiting her website here


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