Polished Prints + Raised Real Collaboration

At Polished Prints we're all about keeping it real, whether that's with our words or with our actions. It's the same for the food we put in our bodies - it's our fuel and nourishment, which is why we're stoked to have joined forces with our friends at Raised Real for a giveaway. 

If you're unfamiliar with Raised Real, you're totally missing out. This company is dedicated to bringing healthier, REAL food to our little ones that are simple and easy to prepare. In early April we collaborated with this like-minded mom-focused company to give one lucky winner a gift card to Polished Prints and a free box of Raised Real that included 12 meals. 

We're so excited to continue joining forces with other companies who thrive on the same mission as us - creating a better life for all of you. Check out Raised Real by visiting their website: https://www.raisedreal.com/

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