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Turn Inspiration into Action: April Guest Post by @saraseesthemoon

Turn Inspiration into Action: April Guest Post by @saraseesthemoon

Turn Inspiration into Action: April Guest Post

This April is about turning inspiration into action! Plans, ideas and deeper inner truths are calling for expression now. This is not the month to hold back. This is the month to go for it!

So much has been bubbling up for you over the last few months, yet Universal energy has been more supportive of emotional exploration than action. You’ve been given time and patience to lean into the roots of your feelings and learn about yourself on a deeper level while allowing newly hatched ideas to slowly take shape under the surface. 

Now, you feel the shift. The energy of April is bolstered by Aries’ fire and supportive aspects with Venus, making this a loving time to speak your truth and act with confidence. If you’ve been struggling with motivation to jump ahead with new ideas, ask for something you need, or even clean up your side of the fence, the first half of the month will give you a boost to get it done. When inspiration strikes, don’t hesitate. Do not let doubt extinguish your fire. Know that you are on the right path and move forward.

After the sun shifts into Taurus on the 19th, grounded, practical steps for forging ahead in the long term will become clear. Your focus may shift to material comforts and relationships and where you still have work to do in creating the life you desire. 

Emotions will rise again as we approach the full moon in Scorpio on the 26th. She will illuminate anything or anyone in your life that is not in alignment with your path, including insincere or shallow relationships, and tolerate only honesty and depth. She requires you, above all, to be honest with yourself. Listen to your heart and let that guide you in what you express and, more importantly, what you accept. 

Continue to do the work. Trust yourself and your intuition above all. Sometimes even those who love us the most can unknowingly hold us back from reaching our true potential. It’s up to you to follow your own knowing to reach the heights you were meant to reach. How high do you want to go?

Affirmation: I have the courage to step into my power, speak my truth, and create the life that I desire.

About Sara Spring: Through energy work, channeling, and the Akashic Records, Sara helps clients overcome barriers caused by energetic connections to past lives. Her unique gifts enable her to see into your past lives and relay channeled guidance to help you release what no longer serves and live in alignment with your soul's true purpose. 

Get to know Sara on Instagram at @saraseesthemoon

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